Tuesday, August 25, 2009

11 weeks =)

I'm 11 weeks today! I feel great! I was sick last Thursday through Sunday so I am glad that the fly is out of my system! Poor Matt got sick on Sunday but it seemed to only be a 24 hour bug for him. Lucky. I also found and finally got to see that there is a tiny brown bunny living in my backyard. It's inhabiting my herb garden and slips in and out of the fence to get into the woods behind my house. I'm on a mission to get a picture of it. I took out some lettuce and when I went back out there it was eating it. It's so cute! I have to keep the dogs from killing it. I'm mostly worried about Remi, but when I yell at her she will stop whatever she's doing.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

25% of that way done!

On Tuesday, I hit 10 weeks! That means I'm officially 25% of the way done with this pregnancy. That just seems amazing. It has gone by so fast. I got the best 10 weeks present though! I got to go see Poppy on another ultrasound. This time the baby was moving and waving and it looks like a baby. It was awesome. Then on Wednesday I found out that we will be moving to Mobile in 1-2 months. I have to find a house, new doctor, and hospital from 6 hours away! It seems like a feat. It does give me the opportunity to be a stay at home mommy though so I'm very excited! =)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

9 weeks!

I have made it to 9 weeks! Thank God! It feels great because I know that week 8 is a critical week. Matt's parents are coming in town on Friday and we will finally tell them and my mom and then announce it to the world. I can't wait. My mom is going to be so excited. I am happy we waited a while though, it may make them not worry so much. Happy 9 weeks Poppy!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Gummy Bear

I had a wonderful doctors appointment today. I got there and they said all of my bloodwork and urine cultures came back fantastic. Then they told me I would get another ultrasound. I was so excited to see Poppy on the big screen again and I was so sad that Matt couldn't be there to see it. Poppy is perfect, but the cyst does not seem to be resolving. I go back on September 1st and I get to have another ultrasound. I kinda like having all of these ultrasounds. It's so reassuring to see baby up there. We will get to take a DVD next time where all of the babie's movements will be recorded. This is so exciting!

Thank you Lord for blessing us!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

8 weeks!


Wow. I am a total slacker. The utter exhaustion has finally set in. It's a catch 22. I love being exhausted because it's a sign that everything is going well but I hate being exhausted because well, I'm exhausted. I didn't even get to take a 7 week picture because I was too tired to stand up and smile for the 3 seconds required to take the picture. I am officially 8 weeks today and am praying for the strength to get off the couch when Matt gets home and take my picture.

Today has been good so far. I went to the chiropractor and he did a pregnant ladies adjustment. It was fantastic! I haven't heard my back crack in so many places in my life. I go back on Friday and I am looking forward to it. Tomorrow I have my OB appointment at 9 AM. I was hoping Matt would make it, but it doesn't look like he will. Oh well. It won't be very exciting anyways. Just a quick exam. I don't even get to hear the heartbeat on doppler. It's too early to hear that way. I can't wait!