Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pregnant Women Shoud NOT Be Allowed To Do The Grocery Shopping

I decided to go to the grocery store to finally get some food in this house. We have literally almost eaten EVERYTHING. So I go, list in hand, to get the necessities. We have a budget now that we are really trying to save every penny. I have every intention of following it to a "T." I get to the store and pull out my list. As I go to grab the item on it, I realize that whatever it is, it is not appealing. Actually, none of this stuff sounds very appetizing. I go ahead and grab everything on the list as well as a whole cart full of stuff not on the list. Everything sounded so delicious at the time. I get home, unload, and decide that I'm starving. Seeing as I just went shopping it would only make sense to think that we had food in the house that I could eat. Well all of that stuff on the list - and off- is now really gross sounding. So now, after spending twice what I had budgeted, I went to Sonic.


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