Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Is that line really there?

July 4th:

It's 6 A.M. and I'm waking up way to early. I've been doing this for weeks. Every morning is the same. Alarm goes off, pop the thermometer in my mouth and leave it until it beeps, dog's bark at the beep, and I'm up to keep them quiet. I'm TRYING to let Matt sleep through all this, but I have to take my temperature. Doctor's orders. He wants to make sure the Clomid works.
This morning temperature reading is high. Hmmm... that looks like a great sign. I already have my hopes up since last night. We watched Gran Tarino and I bawled. Like a baby. I sure hope those were pregnancy hormones. After I get the dogs quiet I tiptoe to the bathroom and get out my stash of pregnancy tests. I've only tested 10 times this month, which seems crazy because it is. There's no way that this mornings test would show anything that last nights didn't.

It's been 2 full minutes since I have peed on the test. I haven't looked yet. I don't want to get my hopes demolished when I only see that one line, AGAIN. The thought of taking the Clomid again makes me sick to my stomach. Or is that a symptom? I better go look at the test...

OH MY GOD! I see a second line! I see it! It's tiny and I have to squint but it's there! Wait.... maybe this is a fluke. I break out another and test again. This time I pull out the Rolls Royce of early pregnancy tests... The First Response Early Result. There's a second line on this one! I can't believe it. I'm so excited. I've been dreaming of telling Matt under the fireworks tonight if I did find out I was pregnant but I'm a horrible secret keeper. How am I going to keep this under wraps for the next 13 hours?

I wake up and get dressed to go to Walmart to keep my self occupied and buy something cute I can give Matt tonight to tell him. It's 6:30, he'll never know I'm gone, but just in case I leave a note in the kitchen telling him I went to WalMart and I'll be back soon. Of course this has to be the one morning he wakes up at the crack of dawn. I've barely left the neighborhood when I get the phone call.

Me: "Hello?"

Him: "Hey, where did you go so early?"

Me: "Wal-Mart. I couldn't sleep."

Him: "What for?"

Me: "Ummm.... sod?" Crap. I know they don't sell sod at WalMart. I should have thought of a story before I left the house.

Him: "Well where are you?"

Me: "Just left the neighborhood, I'll be back shortly."

Him: "Come back and get me, I'll go with you."

Me: "That's O.K. I wan't to get you a surprise."

Him: "Are you PREGNANT?"


Him: "Where's the test?!?!!?"

Me: "I'm turning around. I love you."

So much for waiting 13 hours. I honestly am shocked I didn't jump on the bed the minute the second test came back positive. I held it in for a full 14 minutes. I should be very proud of myself.


  1. Hahaha I love it! Your too funny =) CONGRATS again MAMA!!!

  2. Well I must say 14 minutes is a LONG time...good self control mama!! haha i love it! congratulations! :)

    love, Bree