Thursday, July 16, 2009

Memo's to Myself

1. Do not register for the baby shower yet. Yes I'm excited but I'm only 5 weeks 1 day! I can go and search up and down the aisles all day long and dream of what to put on the registry... but try to hold out. At least til 12 weeks :)

2. Pushing out my stomach while slouching my shoulders does not make me look more pregnant. It makes me look fat and grumpy.

3. Stop being such a bad lier. People may think I'm pregnant based on the fact that I'm not drinking, but smiling from ear to ear while saying "Me? Pregnant? NOOOOOOOO" is not very convincing.

4. The smell of bleach really does make me sick. Make sure to have Matt clean the bathrooms. :) And why not the rest of the house while he's at it?

5. I should not feel guilty for wanting to be in bed by 5 P.M. In 8 months give or take, laying in bed will be foreign.

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