Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

I got to go to the OB's office today. It was nice having my pregnancy confirmed and knowing that I really am not imagining all of this. He felt my stomach and told me that there was something growing in there. That made me smile. I then get ready for the ultrasound. He looks all around and sure enough, there is my baby. My poppy seed is so tiny but is in the right place. I was so happy to hear all of this. Then he starts to look at my ovaries and all my good news is replaced with a new concern. I have a hemmorhagic cyst on my right ovary. It's really, really big. I've had lots of them my whole life, but this one worrys me. It's blood filled and it's inside my ovary, not outside. It if ruptures my whole ovary will rupture. I am so nervous. I get to go in next Thursday to have another look and make sure that baby is growing and cyst is shrinking. I may have the opportunity to see the heartbeat next week though so I am really happy about that. Right now I can only pray that everything goes well and this pregnancy will end happily. However this does confirm that my "bump" is real, not bloat. It just happens to be extremely exaggerated due to the cyst.

I'll never catch a reproductive break *sigh*

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